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Land Purchase FAQs

What’s the minimum down payment?

We require a minimum down payment of 10% of the sale price if it is raw land. If the property has improvements such as structures, a larger down payment will be required.

What are the owner financing terms?

With our owner financing we are looking for at least 10% down, and then from there we can set you up with monthly payments to pay off the remaining balance. There are no pre-payment penalties. We would have you fill out our owner financing application, and then from there if approved we could set the definite terms of the agreement.

How do I qualify for owner financing?

There is a qualification process for our owner financing. The first step is to fill out our owner finance application. The application asks for information such as contact information, source of income, references, financial obligations, your budget, etc. Approval is based on financial capabilities and history, property price, responsibility, character, etc.

Can I have a co-applicant for income consideration?

Yes, they would need to fill out the same owner financing application.

If I bring in extra money randomly, will that go straight towards the principal?
As long as your payments and interest are caught up-to-date, any extra will go towards the principal.
What kind of closing fees or other charges are involved?
With owner financing closing costs can start as low as $925 depending on real estate tax proration and if you want title search and insurance.
If a property is in tree growth, what does that mean?

When a property is in the Tree Growth Tax Program, it means it is taxed at a lower rate for being a timber growing property. If you decide to build on a property that is in the Tree Growth program, you will need to contact the town office to have one acre or more removed from the tree growth program for building purposes. There will be a fee for taking any acreage out of tree growth. Taxes will be higher after acreage is taken out. Within a year after you take ownership, you will need to update the forest management plan and have it put into your name. We have a forester on staff who can assist you with that as needed.

Here are a couple links that provide more information on Maine’s tree growth tax law program:

Has the lot been soil tested?

Most lots have been soil tested, but not all. It is recommended to ask when the soil testing was done. In any event a new land owner is required to have a new soil test done in his or her name when planning to build.

What should I know about soils when picking and developing a property?

Soils are a very important feature of a property. The first thing to determine is whether there are soils that will pass for a leach field installation? If so, where are they and what kind of leach field will be required. A soil scientist who is licensed for designing septic systems is needed to determine this. Even an outhouse and a grey water system require passing soils and a design. Most of our lots have been tested to determine if and where the passing soils are. The type of leach field required is not determined until the designer knows what the property use will be including factors such as how many bedrooms, how many baths, etc.

How close to the shoreline can you build?
It all depends on whether it is a lake, stream, brook, river, or pond.
Who can do the site work for us when we get ready to build?
We have our own road and site crew at Treeline who can do land clearing, driveways, house and camp building pads, stream crossings, septic systems, trail and pond creation, gates, etc. If there is site work that we can’t do, we can recommend some great local contractors who may be able to help you out! Give us a call at 207-794-2044 x 204 for more information.

Treeline Road & Site Construction


Owner Financing Terms

We own all of our properties for sale.
Owner financing is available.

We offer owner financing on our properties to qualified buyers who are US citizens and US residents. Approval is based on financial capabilities and history, property price, responsibility, character, etc.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“This is our first time for my husband Dylan and I purchasing land, and we have to say this experience is nothing short of professionally pleasant!!! My first conversation with Ms. Lacey was her explaining The Maine Land Store site and how to use it, so obviously we had no clue what to do. Ms. Lacey and her colleague took time to understand what we needed.  Even though we are based in Texas, our land purchase was quick and seamless.  I have to say these are the real folks that make dreams come through.”

Hesson T.

“Lacey was so friendly and knowledgeable. She made me feel confident through the whole process. This land transaction with Maine Land Store was just wonderful. Lacey kept contact with me and answered everything that I asked very promptly. Im very satisfied with my purchase!"

Andrea T.

“Fast responses, friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and friendly atmosphere. Will return for more property in the future."

M. Muncey

“From visiting the property to closing the communication was above our expectations! Everything followed the timeframe set out, and we always had a person to reach out to with questions. We are very pleased with our decision to use The Maine Land Store to make our dreams a reality"

S. Teixeira

“Wonderful People that go above and beyond to make your dream place in Maine come true!!! Brian, Whitney, and Lacey helped me through the process and now I have a magical place in Maine. They are First class all the way. Honest, trustworthy, and flexible. Everything went smoothly during the whole process. You can't find a better group of people to work with. Highly Recommended!!"

Ken Hellman

“Our experience has been exceptional. In 2015 my husband and I started looking for land to settle down and raise our family. We have been so greatful for the help and experience from working with the Maine Land store in finding our little peace of heaven. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for land or any property to checkout the Maine Land store and you will have people who know what they are doing and can help find the right place for you. Thank you again Brian, Lacey and Whitney for all that you do."

Russell & Bretannie Loveland

“The Maine Land Store was fantastic to work with. Set up easy down payments and fair market financing. Brian and Lacey were very flexible in making signing the closing papers quick and easy. Great company to work with. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to purchase land. Thanks again to Brian, Lacey, and the whole Maine Land Store staff."

​Larry Cowan

“Worked with Lacey in purchasing a property. She was very informative and helpful, both with the property information and town information. She was easy to reach during the whole process, from just looking around to purchasing. I’d recommend them to everyone!"

Kat Shazy

“Super friendly and fast. Always answered calls/messages promptly. Very nice to deal with. Super-fast closing. Very, very happy with overall experience from start to finish.”

L. Cousins

“Long time land searcher for a camp and Maine Land Store helped me purchase my first piece of land. Very professional. If looking for land, I would highly recommend them 100%.”

J. Walsh

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